Dirgahayu Valuta Prima

About Us

PT DIRGAHAYU VALUTA PRIMA is the best and the largest authorized money changer in Bali since 1984. We always serve our customer in secured and safe way by doing their transaction with us; also we provide police officer and Special Forces in most of our outlets. And No Commission policy is a main issue for all transactions we do. As the proof our quality, in 2011 we have got an award "BALI INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION AWARD 2011" in the category of Public Services of Money Changer.




To give you more satisfaction, we always have a best price / rate for the currency exchange. So you don`t have any reason for not exchanging your money in our counter. Come and find the logo of our counter in many destination places around Bali.

We remind you to always bring and show your ID card such as passport, etc. to begin any transaction with us.

For more services, we do have a CAR RENTAL for travelers who visit many destination places around Bali. We invite you to come and join our DOJO AIKIDO for those who like martial art.

Last Update : Saturday, 21 July 2018 12:59:58 PM
Valid for outlet Subita only